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An Affordable Domestic Placement Platform

Domestic Workers SA is a domestic worker employment platform. This platform has specifically been built to help connect employers and domestic helpers at more affordable prices.

Here, Employers can easily browse, filter and find domestic workers in their areas and choose the ones that suit them best. We also enable employers to post their vacancies here and later evaluate the candidates that have applied, thus saving you some time and effort.

Furthermore we understand that if we were to charge domestic workers a fee to display their CV-like profiles here we will be doing a disservice to those that need help most. That is why we are committed to keeping our service free for those who cannot afford to pay for it.

Talking about costs and fees, we DON’T have recurring subscription packages. We also DON’T charge you R2500-R3500 or 8-15% of a worker’s annual salary for a placement. Though, to be able to keep our costs as low as they are, it is the responsibility of all employers to call, organise and interview their selected candidates themselves.
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We at Domestic Workers SA aspire to be a great help to employers and employees alike.

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Contact us at: info@domesticworkerssa.co.za

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