Who Does the Placements?

That Would Be You! Domestic Workers SA is an online platform where you can find domestic workers who are looking for work in your area.

Is this a subscription service?

No, definitely Not! The packages that we have on offer have different time periods for which you can gain access to the full potential of the platform, see our packages here.

Who organizes the interviews with the candidates that I have recruited?

We leave that in your capable hands. We pride ourselves by giving you complete control over the process. You can choose where, what and when what must happen. Complete freedom!

What is the difference between an employment platform and a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies typically have domestic workers come to them, interview them and give you a choice of 3. They also usually charge you somewhere between 8-15% of that employee's annual salary or between R2 500-R4 500 for a placement.

Domestic Workers SA is an employment platform that gives you options and control over the entire employment process. On our platform you can choose from a list of domestic workers, post your vacancy and select the candidates that suit your needs. Oh, and we also don’t charge you R2 500 for your placement!

Where can I get my candidate’s references?

You have to get them directly from you’re the candidates you have recruited. But, may I say we are currently working on easing this process for you…

What is a Job Interest Request?

So you want to know if someone would be interested in your vacancy right, but you don't want to call to find out - Use our platform to request their interest in your vacancy and Know before you Call. - Please not, Not all domestic workers reply instantly and that you can see their responses in your Favorites tab.

How much should I offer to pay my employee?

We cannot say for certain as employment circumstances differ. We do however recommend you pay your employee what he/she is worth to you and your family. Please Check the minimum wages and make sure you comply.

I've posted my vacancy, Now what??

Sit back, Relax or carry on browsing through our list of domestic workers. Whilst you are busy doing your thing, jobseekers are eagerly applying to vacant positions online. Come back tomorrow morning, or maybe even in a little while and browse through the candidates interested in your vacant position.

I received a message asking me if I’m interested in a job. Does that mean that I got it??

No, this merely means that an employer is considering you for a vacancy, and would like to know if you would accept it if they were to offer it to you. Also know that Employers usually call or send messages themselves to organize for the interviews and test-runs.

I have applied to a vacancy, What now?

You have done your part. Now the employers get a chance to view your profile and see if you would be a good fit for them and their families. If an employer likes you and would like to invite you for an interview they will give you a call or send you an SMS to arrange a meeting.

Why must domestic profiles have a profile picture?

Well it is not a Must...But it is Highly Recommended! It makes employers feel more at ease when they know what you look like. Show them your happy face! Everybody wants to know who they will be interviewing before they interview you!

Also please note – posting a picture not of yourself might lead to your profile being removed…

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