Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as you are agreeing to our terms, when you use our products and services. This is a legally binding agreement, so make sure you understand it.
Domestic Workers SA is an online platform that helps employers and domestic workers to connect. Our services and products are designed to facilitate with the entire domestic worker recruitment process. By using our services as a guest or by signing up to access the platform and our services, you enter into a legally binding agreement with Domestic Workers SA.
Domestic Workers SA offers two types of accounts for its members; ‘Employer’ and ‘Domestic Worker’ accounts. An ‘Employer’ account enables those eligible individuals to use our services to search for a domestic workers while a ‘Domestic Worker’ account enables those eligible job-seekers to use our services to seek for employment


  1. Domestic workers, to use the Domestic Workers SA website and our services, you must be of minimum working age.
  2. Employers, to use the Domestic Workers SA website and our services as an employer, you must agree to follow the laws and regulations in terms of hiring and employing a domestic worker.
  3. You can only have one account and are not allowed to register with multiple accounts. If you have lost your log-in details, you must contact us first before opening a new account.

Your Obligations

  1. You have to provide accurate, correct and real information in all content you create (including your ad, profile and messages) and keep it updated. You are fully responsible for any of the disclosed information. Do not disclose any information that you do not have the right to disclose.
  2. You must have ownership and authority of usage over the image you submit. Your profile picture must include yourself. No obscene, offensive, adult images, or images not of oneself will be accepted. Any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, or otherwise violating any law will be deleted. In case any other persons are in the image, they should have given their permission in writing. If you do not have permission of that person(s), do not use the image and, if you do you will be solely liable for any damages which may be claimed as a result of such use.
  3. You have to use the services in a professional matter and uphold this regardless of who you are contacting. Acting dishonestly will lead to your services being suspended and no refund will be offered.
  4. You cannot impersonate another person or create a false identity. You can also not create a profile for anyone else than yourself. If you want to help friends, relatives, family or anyone else, you can introduce the services to them, but they will have to create their own profiles.
  5. You are obliged to keep your own information safe. Keep your username confidential, do not share passwords and take precautions to keep them safe. Domestic Workers SA is not liable for any loss of personal information.
  6. You cannot share an account or profile. Any account can only be managed by one person and membership cannot be transferred to friends, family or whoever else.
  7. You cannot use our services to “recruit clients” for your own business. The service can only be used by employers and domestic workers.
  8. Employment agencies are not allowed to create domestic worker nor employer accounts. If an employment agency creates such accounts, paying or not, we retain the authority to block this account without notice and without refund.
  9. You cannot copy any information from others through any means including the use of various technological tools. If you are found to be selling any data or using it in your database, Domestic Workers SA reserves the right to sue.
  10. You shall not violate the intellectual property or other rights of Domestic Workers SA, including, using the word “Domestic Workers SA” or our logos in any capacity unless given explicit prior written permission by Domestic Workers SA founder.
  11. You give Domestic Workers SA the right to publish the personal information provided in the sign up and/or the information provided in the job listing description.

Our Rights

  1. Domestic Workers SA may change, suspend or end any service or change and modify prices at our discretion. The prices of our services are subject to terms solely determined by Domestic Workers SA. A refund or return will not be catered for.
  2. Domestic Workers SA will not provide a copy of any content or information regardless of whether it is provided by you or others.
  3. Members only, whether paying or unpaying, will be liable for uploading or giving any inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, offensive or illegal content.
  4. Domestic Workers SA may suspend, restrict or terminate your account if we find a breach or violation of any of these terms of use. In such case, we will not refund any fee charged for the creation and the management of the account.
  5. Domestic Workers SA reserves the right to change the content of our website at any time without notice.

Privacy Policy, Personal Information and Confidentiality

  1. Each user and client agrees that, by using the Website, they provide Domestic Workers SA with certain personal information that will be used in order to publish a profile for them online (domestic workers) or to advertise a vacancy (employers).
  2. By using the website, each user and client explicitly consents to Domestic Workers SA using or disclosing the Personal Info in the following circumstances: a. for communication purposes from time to time, provided that the user / client may request to be removed from a communication system; b. de-identified or aggregated Personal Info may be used for statistical and data analysis purposes; c. to improve the Website, to improve and develop new products, features and services; d. to any party if it believes that it is required by law or by a court to do so or if Domestic Workers SA believes that this is necessary to prevent or lessen any unlawful or harmful actions.
  3. Each client and user undertakes to: a. keep confidential all information, whether written or oral, concerning the business and affairs of Domestic Workers SA and of each other whether obtained from that party or any third party (“the Information”); b. not disclose the Information to any person other than its employees, agents and/or consultants involved in the implementation of this agreement; c. use the Information solely in connection with the implementation of this agreement for its their own benefit or that of any third party;

Intellectual Property Indemnities

  1. All the content on the website, including any and all graphics, text, icons, photographs, videos, hyperlinks, private information, designs, trademarks, software, databases, agreements, the name "Domestic Workers SA" and the associated logo, the website source code, copyrights and any modifications and/or upgrades thereto, is the intellectual property of Domestic Workers SA.
  2. No user may reverse-engineer or attempt to copy the website in any way or use any automatic device or manual process to monitor or copy any part of the Website.
    1. Liability

      1. Domestic Workers SA is a website where employers and domestic workers can connect and if needed employ the services of third party employment agencies. Therefore, we do not process any official paperwork and neither do we handle any employment contracts.
      2. As a platform whose role is merely connecting potential employers to potential employees, we are doing our best to ensure that our members find the best matches possible. However, we do not guarantee that employers can find a match as the final decision remains theirs. Domestic Workers SA does not offer any employment service(s) as defined in the Skills Development Act no.97 of 1998: • “employment services" means the provision of the service of--
        a) advising or counselling of workers on career choices either by the provision of information or other approaches;
        b) assessment of work-seekers for-- I. entry or re-entry into the labour market; or II. education and training;
        c) the reference of work-seekers-- I. to employers to apply for vacancies; or II. to training providers for education and training;
        d) assistance of employers by-- I. providing recruitment and placement services; II. advising them on the availability of work-seekers with skills that match their needs; III. advising them on the retrenchment of employees and the development of social plans; or
        e) any other prescribed employment service;
      3. All users of the website are independent from us and we do not take any responsibility for your communication with other users and any liability arising from using our services.
      4. Domestic Workers SA does not regulate or take any responsibility for the content, accuracy or completeness of the profiles, the advertisements, the client’s/user’s information or the security of the client’s/user’s passwords in respect of the website.
      5. Domestic Workers SA does not guarantee that our services will function without errors or interruption. We do not take any liability for problems related to these errors or interruptions.
      6. Domestic Workers SA does not take responsibility and disclaim all representations of users in terms of fitness to work, accuracy of provided data and noninfringement.
        1. Waiver

          1. Each user and client hereby waives any rights or claims it may have against Domestic Workers SA in respect of any loss, liability, damage (whether direct or consequential) or expense of any nature whatsoever, which may be suffered as a result of the user's or client's use or inability to use the website or the services or content provided from and through the Website


          1. Returning members can log in using their old account information. After a standard period, profiles will be hidden from public view.
          2. Failure to abide by any of our user obligations will result in account closure and banning from the website. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time. The current terms of use will at all times be available on the Domestic Workers SA website.